Awards & Scholarships

Hans Schade

Hans Schade (AIST)

AIME Benjamin F. Fairless Award* in 2014

For advancing the knowledge of clean steel technologies in continuous casting. His passion for steel technology, contributions to tundish metallurgy, and his leadership in steelmaking and casting process technology have had a significant impact on the steel industry.

Dr. Hans Schade is currently the manager of electrical steel technology R&D at AK Steel Research. After graduating with B.S. and M.S. degrees, and finally a Ph.D. in metallurgy from the University of Toronto, Schade joined Armco Steel (later AK Steel) as a casting engineer in research. He progressed quickly through the technical ranks, becoming a principal research engineer, manager of primary process research, manager of specialty products research and lastly manager of electrical steel technology. During his career as a researcher and technical manager at research, Schade received numerous awards, including the Charles W. Briggs Award, two Robert W. Hunt Silver Medals, and the Frank B. McKune Award. He has also authored 21 publications, including two books on casting technology. He has been an active member of AIST since 1983, served as the AK Steel representative on various AISI committees, and served as a member of ASTM Subcommittee C08.11 on Metallurgical Fluxes. Schade has more than 20 years of industrial experience in steel primary processing operations.