Awards & Scholarships

Lyon Frank Terry (SPE)

AIME Anthony F. Lucas Gold Medal* in 1963

"For untiring efforts to promote development and application of sound engineering principles for reserve studies, processing, financing and developing of oil and gas projects."

Born in Rochester, Indiana, Lyon Frank Terry received B.C.E. degree from the University of Michigan in 1915, following which he was field engineer with the old Wolverine Oil Co. in the oil fields of Oklahoma and Kansas and, later, assistant general superintendent of Mid-Co Gasoline Co. of Tulsa, in natural gasoline plant construction and operation, when that business was in its pioneering phase.

After serving with the 85th Field Artillery as a Second Lieutenant in World War I, he returned to the Oklahoma and Texas oil country, later entering the U.S. Treasury Department in Washington, D.C., as an oil and gas valuation engineer. For four years, until 1924, he was a consulting engineer with C. F. Powell in New York City. He then spent two years with Standard Oil Co. of N.J., following which he joined the organization of Ralph E. Davis where he participated in the estimation of oil and gas reserves and the engineering of natural gas pipeline projects. He spent 1933 on the construction of a natural gas pipeline in Vienna, Austria. In 1936, he joined the staff of Chase National Bank as its first oil and gas engineer. He became a Vice President in 1949. Since his retirement in 1957, Mr. Terry has been an associate of Lehman Brothers.

A member of AIME for forty years, Mr. Terry has served on various committees and contributed many papers dealing mainly with the valuation and financing of oil and gas producing properties and the future supply of natural gas. In World War II, he was natural gas engineer for the War Production Board.