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Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar (SPE)

AIME Anthony F. Lucas Gold Medal* in

For pioneering the development of pressure derivatives in well test interpretation, developing the first computational algorithm for determining transient drainage areas and streamlines, and advancing the engineering of reservoir surveillance; for co-authoring Gas Well Test Analysis under Water-Drive Conditions and founding the New Mexico Petroleum Recovery Research Center.

Anil Kumar is founder and president of Omak Technologies in Plano, Texas. Starting his career in 1971, Kumar served as the chairman and associate professor of petroleum engineering at the New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology, and helped create the New Mexico Petroleum Recovery Research Center. He then worked in senior positions at a number of oil and gas companies, including Gulf Oil, Chevron, Mobil E&P Technical Center, Devon Energy of Indonesia, Petrochina International Jakarta. He also led a 60-person subsurface team at a deepwater field development in India’s KG Basin. Kumar pioneered pressure derivative methodology for oil, gas, and injection well test analysis and interpretation. He has published numerous technical papers, and coauthored five books, including Gas Well Test Analysis under Water Drive Conditions. He received the SPE Reservoir Engineering Award in 1997, and SPE Formation Evaluation Award in 2013, was became an SPE Distinguished Member in 2001, and was a Distinguished Lecturer during the 1995–1996 season. Kumar holds a BSc with honors and an AISM from the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India; an MS from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge; and a PhD from Stanford University—all in petroleum engineering.