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Abbas Firoozabadi

Abbas Firoozabadi (SPE)

AIME Anthony F. Lucas Gold Medal* in

In recognition of distinguished achievement in improving the technique and practice of finding and producing petroleum through his work on thermodynamics of hydrocarbon reservoirs and production, multiphase flow in fractured porous media and hydrocarbon reservoir performance.

Professor Firoozabadi is the Director of the Reservoir Engineering Research Institute (RERI) in Palo Alto, Ca and a Professor at Yale University in Newhaven, CT. His main research interests are in bulk-phase,irreversible- and interfacial- thermodynamics, and physics and mathematics of hydrocarbon reservoirs and production. He has recently focused on CO2 injection in fractured reservoirs advancing higher-order numerical methods in reservoir simulation. Firoozabadi has also made advances in environmental stewardship of hydrocarbon energy production with creation of nanoparticles of hydrates and asphaltenes using biosurfactants and dispersants. Firoozabadi is the author of Thermodynamics of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs published by McGraw-Hill in 1999. He is perhaps the most prolific author of the Journals of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Has has published over 70 papers in the SPE Journals. He has also published some 60 papers in Journal of Chemical Physics, Physical Chemistry B, Langmuir, AIChE Journal, and other scholarly Journals. His honors include the 2002 Distinguished Dodge lecture at Yale University, the 2002 Anthony Lucas Gold Medal of the SPE/AIME, and the 2004 John Franklin Carl of the SPE, and most recently the 2010 SPE Honorary membership.