TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2018*
Date: March 11, 2018 - March 15, 2018

TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2018*

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Organization Name: TMS
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Over 4,300 attended and 3,400 presented in 98 symposia at TMS' annual meeting in Phoenix, AZ March 11-15, 2018. AIME leadership participated in the TMS Board meeting, VIP Welcome Reception, President's Dinner at the CREATE Makerspace of the Arizona Science Center, and Past Presidents' Lunch. AIME staff also captured oral histories of two prestigious TMS members, 101-year-old, Ray Smith, and 92-year-old, Harry Paxton, who is the oldest living AIME Past President. These videos are expected to be available on AIME's Oral Histories webpage this August.

Mr. Paxton and his wife, Anne, also attended the awards banquet where AIME President from AIST and TMS, John Speer, presented Honorary Membership to Tresa Pollock and Subhash Mahajan as well as the Champion H. Mathewson Award to Wanlin Wang and Haihui Zhang (in Solidification) and Margarita Kuzmina, Michael Herbig, Dierk Raabe, Ekkes Bruck, Sybrand van der Zwaag, Niels van Dijk, Shasha Zhang, Haixing Fang, Maarten Emre Gramsma, Cees Kwakernaak, William Sloof, and Frans Tichelaar (in Transformation), the Robert Lansing Hardy Award to Allison Beese, and Henry DeWitt Smith Scholarships to graduate students, Samuel Rodrigues and Kao Zoua Yang.