SME Annual Meeting 2013*
February 24, 2013 - February 27, 2013

SME Annual Meeting 2013*

Location: Denver, CO
Organization Name: SME
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Contact: Carol Cudworth

SME's 2013 annual meeting in Denver, CO generated an all-time record attendance of 7202 and exhibits of over 800.  AIME Honorary Membership was bestowed upon Nikhil Trivedi.  Additional AIME award recipients included:

Robert Earll McConnell Award: Larry Watters

Charles F. Rand Memorial Gold Medal: Art Schweizer

James Douglas Gold Medal:  Patrick R. Taylor

Frank F. Aplan Award:  Barbara J. Arnold

Mineral Economics Award:  Roussos Dimitrakopoulos

Rossiter W. Raymond Memorial Award:  Timothy W. Beck

Robert H. Richards Award:  Nick Hazen

William Lawrence Saunders Gold Medal:  Ronald W. Thiessen

Erskine Ramsay Medal:  Michael Karmis

Hal Williams Hardinge Award:  Sarkis Ampian

Robert Peele Award:  Ananta Lakshmi Yennamani

Daniel C. Jackling Award:  Ed Dowling

Howard N. Evanson Award:  Pramod Thakur

For additional detail, see the individual Award pages under our Programs section.