The Genesis and Growth of TMS
Date: March 19, 2021

The Genesis and Growth of TMS

Metallurgy has been prominent within AIME since the beginning; it was the basis of the first technical committee and professional division, and it formed the now Member Society TMS.

The call to establish AIME was not just to build an organization in the interest of mining engineering, but also to advance the production of metals alongside minerals. Metallurgy has always been significant to the Institute, as it formed the first AIME technical committee, Iron and Steel, in 1912. This committee furthered specialization within AIME and led to the organizational structure of technical committees throughout the Institute to encompass members specific interests. In 1918, the first Professional Division of AIME – Institute of Metals Division – was formed out of the merger with the American Institute of Metals. Over the years, as the technical interests of AIME grew, there was pressure on the Institute to become sectionalized to serve the diverse interests of members more effectively.

In 1957, The Metallurgical Society (TMS) was formed with the aim to promote the advancement of metallurgy. Since then, TMS has held many conferences and outpoured many publications that have enriched the professional engineering community. In 1989, TMS changed its name to The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society to reflect the broadening technical scope of its members. TMS has led many initiatives to promote the minerals, metals, and materials professions and support the development of students.

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