Formation of AIST - Did You Know?
Date: June 29, 2021

Formation of AIST - Did You Know?

AIST was established from the rich histories of ISS and AISE to form a unified organization that advances the technical efforts of iron and steel.


In 2004, AIST was formed from the merger of two prominent organizations, The Iron and Steel Society (ISS) and the Association for Iron and Steel Engineers (AISE). Both recognized the need for a unified organization to support technical advancement in the development, production, processing, and application of iron and steel. AIST incorporates the rich histories and best practices of both societies.

ISS became a fourth AIME Member Society in 1974, and after the merger, AIST took on the role. ISS progressed the iron and steel industry through its committed efforts toward the future. In 1995, ISS formed a new mission and plan to lead the society into the 21st century. The society also constructed a new headquarters in 1998, which AIST purchased and renovated in 2016.

A group of 28 iron and steel company electrical and mechanical engineers formed AISE in 1907. AISE had an influence on professionals worldwide in its efforts to provide useful technical information to the industry. The society’s sponsored conferences, training courses, and exhibitions attracted industry companies and professionals from all over.

AIST is now a strong, international technical organization that adapts to the progression of change in the industry. AIST’s commitment to serve the iron and steel community is accomplished through its hosted technical meetings, conferences, exhibitions, and publications. 

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