1918 Merger with AIM and the Institute of Metals Division
Date: March 16, 2021

1918 Merger with AIM and the Institute of Metals Division

The first Professional Division of AIME was formed in 1918 out of its merger with the American Institute of Metals.

The American Institute of Metals was first organized as the American Brass Founders Society in 1907. Their purpose, "the advancement and dissemination of knowledge concerning the acts connected with the producing, founding, working and finishing of the nonferrous metals and their alloys" closely resembled AIME's, who extended an invitation to A.I.M for a merger in 1918. It was then proposed under Article XVII of the 1913 Bylaws that A.I.M. become the first Professional Division, the Institute of Metals Division. The Institute of Metals lives on – every year at the TMS annual meeting, there is the Institute of Metals R. F. Mehl Award, and a talk is associated with it.  It’s considered a pinnacle award for TMS.

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