Samuel H. Dolbear

AIME Past Trustee
Member Society

Samuel H. Dolbear was born in Somerville, Mass. in 1886. He attended Tufts College and Clark University. After a few years as miner and prospector, he had a succession of important posts with several major companies. From 1939-1943, he served as President of Wright, Dolbear Co., Inc., of New York. Since 1945, he has headed its successor, Behre, Dolbear & Co., mining, geological and metallurgical consultants. During a career that encompasses more than half a century, Mr. Dolbear has written many published technical papers and holds a number of U. S. and Canadian patents, including about thirty on mineral processes and apparatus. He has been prominent in activities involving trona, potash, magnesite, refractories, asbestos, mica, borax and others. His operations have included mine examination, plant design, and construction. Mr. Dolbear is a former consultant to the U. S. Bureau of Mines; former Chairman of the advisory committee on chromite, and a former member of the advisory committee on mica, Army & Navy Munitions Board. In 1945 he was appointed mineral adviser to the Provisional Government of Korea; and in 1947, technical adviser to the National Resources Committee of China. A Member of AIME since 1927, Mr. Dolbear has been particularly active in its Society of Mining Engineers, especially in the Industrial Minerals Division of which he was first Chairman. He was the Editor of the first two editions of "Industrial Minerals and Rocks."