Become A Trustee

AIME is governed by a Board of Trustees, with eight voting members, two appointed by each Member Society for a four-year term.  The four Trustees in the presidential rotation serve as Officers of the Institute.  The AIME Board currently meets via two conference calls (one in April and one in November) and one face-to-face in August in a retreat setting at different locations selected by the AIME President each year. 

Each Member Society has its own process for nomination and selection of its AIME Trustees.  In some, AIME representatives must have been a Past President of the Society.   Suggestions should go to the Executive Director of the appropriate Member Society.  Contact them via the links to their websites on our homepage.  


Roles and Responsibilities

AIME Trustee and Staff Roles, Relationships, and Responsibilities (as adopted at the August 2, 2008, annual Board meeting, and revised at the 2010 Board meetings)

Roles and Responsibilities PDF