AIME Digital Library
AIME has digitized over 550 volumes of technical archives in its digital library with access available free to the members of its 4 Societies.
Sustainable Engineering Education Key Resources Repository (SEEKRR)
A searchable database of best practices in infusing sustainability into engineering education, mainly at the university level.
Videos and materials for junior high school teachers to introduce students to the extraction, use, and recovery of minerals and metals, as well as the AIME fields of mining, metallurgical, and petroleum engineering.
Key Links for the Profession
Given AIME's unique position of interacting with groups at different levels throughout the engineering and scientific community, it is in a unique position to compile and promote the best resources available for both members and staff of its Societies to reference.
Other Related Links
AIME is open to cross-promotion of related resrouces via its Industry Links page.  For additional information contact