Council of Excellence

To create an environment to nurture discovery skills, and by realizing that innovative breakthroughs most often happen at the intersection of diverse disciplines, AIME established a Council of Excellence (COE). This group of at least two esteemed technical experts from each Member Society help facilitate a search for overlapping needs to define areas for innovative research. They do this through:

  1. Reviewing current and emerging technologies with potential application in other disciplines and identifying technology gaps.
  2. Advocating through articles and presentations for research to help bridge crossover or fill gaps identified or expedite development to application.
  3. Advising AIME on potential external engagement or funding needs or recognition for these efforts.

The current members selected for the AIME COE are:

  • Behrooz Fattahi, President, The EnerTrain Institute (SPE)
  • Ford Brett, Chief Executive Officer, PetroSkills (SPE)
  • Khalid Aziz, Professor, Stanford (SPE)
  • Kevin Zeik, General Manager-Research, U.S. Steel Corporation (AIST)
  • Ted Lyon, Managing Director, Hatch Associates Consultants (AIST)
  • Robert Shull, Fellow, National Institute of Standards & Technology (TMS)
  • Dan Thoma, Professor, University of Wisconsin (TMS)
  • Ta Li, Past Vice President, Tetra Tech (SME)
  • Ponisseril Somasundaran, Professor, Columbia University (SME)

Guest experts can be invited by any of the members to provide the appropriate additional focused expertise when needed.

The Council has already identified over 40 current or emerging innovations with crossover potential and 15 technology gaps among the AIME Member Societies. It is publishing this information in the main journals of the four groups as well as those of sister engineering and scientific organizations. It is hoped that this knowledgeable readership can contribute to the COE's efforts by submitting additional suggestions for crossover technologies or technology gaps to be filled.

To facilitate this, AIME has created the Crossover Technology Idea Form. To submit your innovation for consideration by AIME's Council of Excellence, please click the button below.

Crossover Technology Idea Form

December 2017

Note: Any ideas submitted to AIME's Council of Excellence could be shared publicly and/or published.