AIME funds the annual conference of 25 awards, including Honorary Membership. Many of these carry the namesake of icons within the AIME disciplines of mining, metallurgical, and petroleum engineering, the iron and steel industry, and materials science.

AIME's Member Societies also have separate awards programs. Click on their organizational acronym to learn more: SME, TMS, AIST, SPE.

Additionally, the members of the AIME family are eligible for the 18 joint engineering Society honors at the bottom of the below.

Important Notes:

  • See eligibility for all honors below and guidelines and history on individual pages. Most of these honors are administered by staff at one or more of AIME's Member Societies. Deadlines and procedures can vary for each, so you may be directed to their websites as well for additional details.
  • There are no limitations regarding nationality or membership in the AIME Member Societies, but preference is given to members. If a committee member is nominated, they will either find a replacement committee member so that they can resign for the year or remove their nomination until their term is up. Candidate must be living or passed away prior to May 1st of the nomination year.
  • No AIME Major Award winner is eligible to be nominated for another AIME Major Award until 9 years shall have elapsed, and the nomination support package shall conspicuously reference work in a new field or significant new accomplishments in the field for which the original award was made.
  • AIME Board members are exempt from receiving AIME awards.

AIME Awards

AIME Honorary Membership

All Member Societies

AIME Presidential Citation

All Member Societies

AIME Robert Earll McConnell Awardmajor award

All Member Societies

AIME Mineral Economics Award

SME and TMS only

AIME Frank F. Aplan Award

SME and TMS only

Percy Nicholls Award

SME and ASME only

Joint Engineering Society Awards

Hoover Medal

All Member Societies

Alfred E. Noble Prize

All Member Societies, Raymond Award Recipient Only

Washington Award

All Member Societies

National Inventors Hall of Fame

All Member Societies

Sloan Industry Fellowships

All Member Societies