Ted Lyon - New AIME Oral History Release

Submitted by toni.griffin on Jul 12 2019

Ted Lyon and his siblings were strongly encouraged to become engineers by their father who joined the profession after leaving teaching.  He is proud of his technical background but is also known for his business acumen.  And, he's proud to be associated with the legacies of AIST, ISS, and AIME.  Hear about Ted's adventures, including challenging work in India, always striving to serve the public good and improve the quality of life. To quote him, "It's about being innovative, about being safe, and about designing and building sustainable facilities that progress the human condition."

See the video on YouTube now - https://youtu.be/_TGheNr0v1g
To learn more about Theodore Lyon please visit: AIME Website - http://www.aimehq.org/programs/archives
ETHW Website - https://ethw.org/Oral-History:Theodore_F._Lyon

Coming releases to include TMS member Patrick Taylor