St Barbara's Day 2015 Ta Li Award

Submitted by toni.griffin on Jan 14 2016



Mr. Li is regarded as an-international authority on minerals industry marketing and business development. He received a B.S. in mining engineering from Columbia University and his 45 year career includes assignments in mine operations and management, journalism, marketing, sales and management-engineering consulting.

During his career, Mr. Li worked for Kennecott Copper at its Bingham Canyon copper mine, SME as editor of Mining Engineering magazine, Golder Associates, Behre Dolbear & Co. and Pincock, Allen and Holt. He also worked for Washington Group International, where he received four consecutive Lion Awards and the Eagle Award in 2007. Ta Li has served as the president or chairman of four major mining professional organizations: SME, the Denver Gold Group, the Northwest Mining Association and the Colorado Mining Association. He currently serves as vice president, business development for Tetra Tech, Inc., a global engineering and environmental consulting firm.

Mr. Li is the author of more man 40 technical articles on open pit and underground mining. He received the Bright Idea Award from the Denver Gold Group, is a Life Member of NWMA and a Distinguished Member of SME. In 2010, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Colorado Section of SME and in 2015 he received an AlME Honorary Membership Award. He recently was elected a U.S. representative to the International Scientific Advisory Committee for the 24th World Mining Congress and is a member of the SME Foundation Board of Trustees.

Saint Barbara is intimately entwined in the lore of mining. Origins both of the saint and her identification with mining are lost in antiquity. Over the centuries, people involved in mining conceived many myths and fables to help cope with the hazards and dangers of their occupation. Since 1991, the mining industry has gathered annually to sponsor a celebration of the Patron Saint of mining to honor one individual for outstanding contributions to our industry!


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