Siegfried Hecker: My Grandfather Saves the World - New Oral History Release

Submitted by toni.griffin on Jan 24 2020

AIME is proud to introduce the next in its series of oral history captures of prominent members with a new two-part video. Join Tom Nizolek as he speaks with TMS member Siegfried S. Hecker in his office at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. They discuss a wide variety of topics related to his work at LANL.

In part one they discuss his early years in Austria during WWII, Influential colleagues and professors, how he made his way to Los Alamos, industry work at GM, plutonium metallurgy, and the beginnings of his work with Russia post-Cold War.

In part 2, Tom Nizolek and Dr. Hecker continue their discussion with his transition from scientist to director of LANL, working with the Russians, lab to lab cooperation, the benefits of professional society membership, the Human Genome project, metallurgy and diplomacy in Russia and North Korea, and more.

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