Resources for Future Generations 2018 Preliminary Program has been Released

Submitted by toni.griffin on Apr 27 2018

We've been excited about the Resources for Future Generations 2018 conference but reading through the Preliminary Program has got us inspired!

RFG2018 aims to provide participants with a program that will explore six vital and inter-related themes that are multidisciplinary in nature: the Earth, Energy, Minerals, Water, Resources and Society, and Education and Knowledge.

The four-day technical program has 1,500+ authors already committed to the conference, with 50% of the presenters from Canada and the other 50% from all other regions of the world. It's a truly impressive cohort from a vast array of disciplines.

The topics of both keynotes and technical sessions are central to the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. RFG2018 will provide an unprecedented view of the earth and the availability of resources for human sustainability. Expect big picture thinking, dialogue, technical presentations, and social interaction. Established science, innovation, policy, social benefits, and impact will all be part of RFG2018. Check out the preliminary program here: #RFG2018