Engineering Solutions for Sustainability: Materials & Resources Symposium March 18-19, 2015

Submitted by toni.griffin on Apr 6 2015


More than 70 attendees participated in Engineering Solutions for Sustainability:  Materials & Resources Symposium March 18-19, 2015 at TMS’ annual meeting in Orlando, FL.  They heard from nearly 60 speakers on energy, transportation, housing, and recycling.  Themes included:

·         Leaders at the highest levels must take action and set the example in creating a culture of sustainability.

·         There are three key axes to consider in sustainability – education, policy, and innovation – an scientists and engineers have the power to impact all three.

·         Many industries such as chemical and mining have made significant shifts in the past decade to incorporate sustainable practices as part of their development process.  However, metrics must improve to ensure true progress.

·         A cradle to cradle approach must be taken when bringing new products to market or improving upon existing processes.

Proceedings, which will include approximately 30 manuscripts and a synthesis of plenary talks, will be available August 1st at  Recordings of most plenaries will be available soon on the event website,  See AIME Photos webpage for additional details.  Questions can be directed to Lead Organizer and AIME and TMS Past President, Brajendra Mishra, at