AAES Fall General Assembly News

Submitted by toni.griffin on Oct 30 2017


AAES Fall General Assembly Meeting   -   November 2, 2017   -   Reston, VA

The Fall meeting morning session will focus on how Societies and others are providing opportunities for underserved engineering populations and relating them to our Memorandum of Understanding regarding re-entry and alternative paths into the engineering profession. The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) will share the success of the STEM Re-entry Task Force in partnership with iRelaunch. This program promotes internships for experienced engineers returning to the workforce. ABET now accredits engineering programs that are 100-percent online. These online programs are reaching a different population (in regards to age, veteran status, etc.) than those enrolled in face-to-face programs. In addition to learning more about the successful SWE and ABET opportunities, the AAES K-12 (STEM) Committee will provide an update on their recent work at the Fall Meeting.

The afternoon will be dedicated to the General Assembly business meeting. A key item of the meeting is the annual election of members of the Board of Directors. This year we have one vacant Board position. The Board's efforts this fall include continued strategic planning and financial planning discussions.

Finally, as you are aware, ASCE restructured staffing over the summer impacting their AAES leadership. I want to thank Wendy Cowan for her years of service as the AAES Executive Director, and welcome Melissa Prelewicz as the new AAES Executive Director. Robin Matsumoto continues in her role of administrative and event support, with Carol Bowers rejoining the leadership team for general oversight and governance support. 

Alyse R. Stofer

2016-2017 Chair, American Association of Engineering Societies