Future City Competition Registration Deadline End October

Submitted by michele.lawrie-munro on Oct 17 2012


Register today or learn more about the Future City Competition at www.futurecity.org.  The registration deadline is October 31, 2012.


Volunteers and Mentors Needed

Mentoring is about advising, advocating, teaching, coaching, and providing a guidance system.  The volunteer mentor's job is to support the student team as they explore engineering-related questions by facilitating discussions, helping students refine their ideas, finding and accessing resources, and providing feedback as the team works on their city.  By tying in real-life engineering experiences, the mentor can help the students connect the academic to the real- world of engineering. Ideally, a mentor is available to work with the educator and students for one to two hours each week from September to January. These meetings can be hosted in a variety of ways -- in-person, via Skype, or over the phone.  In a recent evaluation, mentors told us they volunteered to help increase students interest in STEM and because they were asked. Consider yourself asked! To learn more about the Future City Competition or to register to be a volunteer mentor please visit: www.futurecity.org


Calling All Alumni

Calling all Future City Alumni.  Did you participate on a Future City team any time in the past 20 years? If yes, we want to hear from you. Log on to our Future City Competition's Facebook page and let us know what you're doing now, or send an e-mail to bknight@futurecity.org.