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Unconventional Gas & The Environment Conference: Engaging Stakeholders, Tackling Misinformation

ASD Media BV
Sep 25 2012
Sep 26 2012
London, United Kingdom

A One-Day, Industry-Led, Senior Unconventional Gas Conference & Networking Event, 25th September 2012, Central London - Private Venue. PLUS: Separately-Bookable, Post-Conference, Half-Day Workshop, 26th September: Engaging A Local Community Face-To-Face

Join 21 Senior Decision Makers As They Discuss How To Combat The Misconceptions & Communicate The Opportunities Of Unconventional Gas:
* Mitigating Environmental Concerns
* Tackling Misconceptions
* Educating Stakeholders
* Untangling Fact From Fiction
* Clarifying Water Contamination Issues
* Gaining Government Support
* Increasing Public Acceptance
* Communicating The Opportunities
* Engaging The Media
* Lessons Learnt From The USA
* Best-Practice Reputation Management
* Cutting Through Fear
* Mitigating Public Backlash

Hear Real-Life, Honest Perspectives From Companies Seeking To Gain Government, Scientific, Local & Public Acceptance. Find Out How They Are Mitigating Environmental Concerns By Untangling Fact From Fiction & Anecdotal Evidence From Scientific Investigations - & Communicating It All Clearly:
* Cuadrilla's CEO Case Study: Opening Keynote
* Fracking Facts, Not Fiction: Tackling misinformation around the environmental and human health risks of hydraulic fracturing
* A Local Battle: Winning hearts and minds and proactively educating communities to build trust and minimise opposition locally
* Engaging The Public At Large: Mitigating public backlash by clarifying misconceptions and cutting through public fear
* Working Closely With Government: Engaging and educating policy makers and regulators to gain political support and project approval
* Propaganda, Media Today & The Climate Change Debate: Understanding how to best engage with powerful lobbying groups, sensationalist journalists and bloggers
* Lessons From Our American & Canadian Counterparts: Avoiding the pitfalls and highlighting the differences
* Best-Practice Reputation Management & Stakeholder Engagement: Building trust with transparent and open communication
* Communicating The Opportunities: Help increase consumer acceptance and turn stakeholders from opponents to advocates

Plus: This Senior Unconventional Gas Conference Features:
* Lunchtime Networking Debates: A) A Threat To Renewables? B) Joining With A Unified Voice C) Water Contamination D) Replicating American Success
* 3 Dual Perspectives: Engaging The Public At Large, Engaging Government, Comparing & Contrasting US/Europe
* Media Panel Discussion
* Facilitated Networking
* Open Q&A

Event Link: https://www.asdevents.com/event.asp?id=2322&desc=Unconventional+Gas+%26+The+Environment+Conference%3A+Engaging+Stakeholders%2C+Tackling+Misinformation&utm_source=ASDEvents&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ASDE-2322&utm_content=aime%40aimehq.org